DIY Mickey Christmas Ornaments

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Simple, Mickey-Shaped, and So Darn Cute

My husband would be the first to tell you about my crazy obsession with changing things up. Granted, he does come home from work most days to find that even the trash can has moved, so he is justified in some sense. This is why I love this simple and versatile craft. It not only allows me to change up decor and/or color schemes year to year, but it allows me to incorporate our family’s love of Disney as well. These are the cutest addition to any holiday tree and a great gift idea.


  • two different sizes of shatterproof ornaments for the head and ears
  • an empty preheated glue gun


STEP 1 PREP THE SMALL ORNAMENTS Remove the tops of the smaller ornaments as pictured.

STEP 2 MAKE HOLES FOR THE EARS Using your preheated glue gun, gently press down on the larger ornament where you want your ears to be. You can mark these spots ahead of time if you’d like.

*You should easily be able to press down into the ornament without having to apply a lot of pressure.

STEP 3 CLEAN UP THE HOLES Once you’ve made the initial holes, I like to use my preheated glue gun carefully to clean up the holes. You can also do this to make your holes a little bigger if need be.

STEP 4 MICKEY EARS Pop in your ears. Happy crafting!


WHERE CAN I FIND TWO DIFFERENT SIZED ORNAMENTS? I’ve always been able to find ornaments of the same color in two different sizes at Target in store and online.

WHAT SIZE ORNAMENTS DID YOU USE? For the heads I used 2.36-inch shatterproof ornaments and for the ears I used 1.18-inch shatterproof ornaments.


Easily turn a Mickey ornament into a Minnie ornament by adding a bow.


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