Mickey Turkey Cinnamon Rolls

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Thanksgiving Day Breakfast with Mickey

Mickey-Shaped cinnamon rolls have become a breakfast tradition in our home on Thanksgiving morning. Simple and delightful, these little guys will add a touch of magic to your Turkey Day.


  • premade iced cinnamon rolls (I prefer Pillsbury Grands because of their size.)
  • cooked bacon cut in half (crispy bacon is easier to work with)
  • red M&M Minis for the wattle
  • candy eyeballs
  • candy corn for the beak
  • chocolate melting wafers for the Mickey Ears
  • orange candy melts for legs


STEP 1 TURKEY FACE Assemble the turkey face: candy eyes, candy corn beak, and red M&M wattle. The icing of the cinnamon rolls should be enough to adhere the face parts. If necessary, you can use some of your melting chocolate as glue.

STEP 2 MICKEY EARS Place two chocolate melting wafers in the inner crease just above the face on each roll for the Mickey ears.

STEP 3 FEATHERS In the outer crease stick in three bacon halves for the feathers.

STEP 4 ORANGE MELTING CHOCOLATE When you plate your turkeys, melt the orange candy melts according to package directions; you won’t need very much. Pour the melted candy into a piping bag or Ziplock bag, cut a small hole at the tip and pipe the legs onto the plate below your turkeys.


  • Instead of using orange candy melts, you can use the chocolate melting wafers for the legs. Just melt according to package directions, pour into a piping bag or Ziplock, and pipe them on.
  • Pretzel sticks are another fun and simple option for legs.


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